FAQ's(Frequently Asked Questions)

Getting Your Device Repaired Can Help You Get Your Important Data Such As Images, Video's And Contacts Back From A Faulty And Broken Phone.

When You Choose Mobile Repair Over Buying A New Phone, You Can Use Your Device For Some More Time And It Can Help You Save Money Specially If Your Budget Is Tight.

If You Are Looking For Mobile Service / iPhone Repair Service You Can Just Fill In Our Repair Form To Get Your Device Fixed.

We Provide Display Replacement, Battery Replacement, Back Glass Replacement, Loud Speaker Replacement, Motherboard Repair, Water Damage Phone Repair Services.

We Repair All Kinds Of Branded Devices Such As iPhone, Samsung, Oneplus, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo And Other Devices.

We Provide Upto 6 Months Warranty On Our Mobile Repair And iPhone Repair Services.

If You Want To Get Your Cracked Screen Replaced By Sitting At Your Home, You Can Simply Contact Us To Get It Fixed.

You Can Simply Go To Our Quote Form And Fill In The Details To Book Your Repair With Us

Yes We Also Provide iPhone Screen Repair Service.

If You Want To Repair Your iPhone Our Price Ranges From Rs.499. Our Price Varies & Depends Upon Your iPhone Model,  And Issue.

Yes At eRepairCafe We Also Provide Same Day iPhone Screen Repair Service.

At eRepairCafe Replacing Your Broken Or Faulty iPhone Screen Cost From Rs.999 Or More Depending Upon The Model Of Your iPhone

Yes It's Absolutely Worth Repairing Your iPhone, If The Repair Price Is Affordable And If You Have Any Important Data In Your Device.

Yes We Also Provide iPhone Battery Replacement Service If Your iPhone Battery Is Draining Or The Battery Health If Over.

At eRepairCafe iPhone Battery Replacement Cost From Rs.799 To Rs.7999 Depending Upon The iPhone Model.

Yes We Also Provide iPhone Back Glass Replacement Service.

At eRepairCafe Our iPhone Back Glass Replacement Costs From Rs.1000 To Rs.8999, Depending On Your iPhone Model.

Yes iPhone Motherboard's Can Be Repaired, But It Should Be Done By Certified Or Experienced iPhone Repair Professionals

Yes At eRepairCafe We Also Provide iPhone Motherboard Repair Services, We Have Certified And Experienced iPhone Repair Technicians Who Can Help You Repair Your Faulty iPhone Motherboard.

At eRepairCafe The Cost To Repair Motherboard Range's From Rs.2000, The Cost Can Increase Depending Upon Model & Issue Or If The Damage Is Severe.
Yes All iPhone models Can Be Repaired After Getting Damaged By Water.

Yes We Provide Upto 6 Months Warranty On All Our iPhone Repair Services.