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What should we do about e-waste?


Sustainability is key.

You may have heard that there has been a surge of interest in sustainability in retail lately.

What is e-waste?

Electronic gadgets toward the finish of their helpful life.

Facts about e-waste

  • There is 40 million tons of e-waste every year worldwide
  • Comprises 70% of our overall toxic waste an average
  • Average cellphone user replaces their phone once every 18 months
  • Only 12.5% e-waste is recycled

What can we do about e-waste?

Repair before it becomes e-waste.

Repair isn’t just useful for individuals — it offers incredible advantages to organizations, as well. Many companies embrace DIY repair. They realize that individuals who fix their stuff are devoted clients.

Giving people the information and tools, they need to fix products reduces on support expenses. Customers love it when they can get their stuff fixed quickly—whether by themselves or at a local repair shop.

Repair saves you money. It saves the environment. Furthermore, it connects us to our things. Ditch the throwaway economy.

You bought it; you should own it. Period. We are working on the right to repair laws. Allow us to reclaim our right to use, modify, and repair however we want. Defend your right to fix.

We deserve the right to repair

Items that can be repaired, should be repaired. Restored phones can be offered to another person. Repaired computers bridge the digital divide. Even better, repair jobs are local. They will not ever be shipped overseas.

In the past, our things and possessions were made to last. Presently they are made to last a few years. Repair is green and protects the environment. It keeps the things you love in service, and out of a landfill.

Nothing is worse than getting ready to repair your broken device, only to realize you don’t have the correct tool to perform the procedure. We offer every skill you will need to get your machine back to working order.


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