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Doorstep mobile repair

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Doorstep Mobile Repair

It’s a problem that plagues the majority of our society. You drop your phone, it shatters into pieces, and you’ll need a costly repair that usually takes days to complete. It can cause you stress, anxiety and upset when you’re unable to access your phone’s data or contact anyone. But now there is a solution!

Doorstep mobile repair comes to the rescue with mobile hardware installations in as little as 30 minutes, Customers receive fast service with easy scheduling options, and can get back up-and-running immediately after repairs are completed.

doorstep mobile repair

Services include:
Screen replacement
Back glass replacement
Battery installation and replacement
Charger port repair service
Headphone jack repair service
Micro-USB Port Repair Service
Camera Repair Service (working in conjunction with a local camera shop on this one, so fees may apply)
Data recovery (from phones up to 5 years old)
Re-activation of your phone service  (after claiming insurance or if you have been without a phone for awhile)    One of the most recent features is cell phone unlocking. If you are traveling abroad and want to use local carrier services, Doorstep can unlock your device for you.
This is truly an opportunity to save money and access your phone’s data. Call us today at 9148136086 for more information or to schedule an appointment! More information can be found on our website at –

Doorstep Mobile Repair makes the following claims about their service:

“Doorstep’s mission is to provide fast, affordable and seamless mobile hardware repairs in just half a day. We work with refurbishers across the nation, who order used phones directly from manufacturers, returning them to Doorstep’s shop where they are reconditioned and repackaged and sent back out into the world. If a refurbished phone cannot be located, Doorstep can source phones directly from local cell carriers. Doorstep also offers replacements of parts from the manufacturer and other top brands at wholesale prices. Our wide range of parts and experienced staff allow us to repair almost any type of mobile hardware device including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, cameras and cell phones.”
In addition they follow the following general guidelines:
“Doorstep is committed to providing fast service with easy scheduling options. We repair devices in 30 minutes or less with a choice of two convenient locations in Bangalore. Customers receive fast service with easy scheduling options and can get back up-and-running immediately after repairs are completed.

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