Which is the best iphone screen replacement for your iPhone 11, 11 pro and 11 Pro Max ?

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The iPhone 11 is a prized possession. As an owner, you are keen to protect the gadget, or might even consider personalizing it to your taste. Whether it’s protection or personalization, iPhone 11 cases are all you need. Here’s what you should look for in your iPhone repair.

Sturdiness: Iphone repair

The iPhone 11 series comprises smart, efficient and well-built gadgets. But they are as vulnerable to scratches and cracks as any other brand devices. You need a sturdy iPhone case that can keep the gadget safe in the wake of a fall or rough handling. Note that poorly made and brittle cases often cause more superficial damage to the gadget. You should look for the specifications regarding the structural integrity of the case before you buy one.

Perfect built:

Iphone repair

Not all covers are created equal. Some are perfect and some not so. Cases with a missing port are commonplace and so are those with rigid button covers. Some might even miss the slot for the camera. Any of these defects compromise your gadget’s function, and hence better avoided. Ensure the iPhone 11 pro cases are perfectly built and compatible with the iPhone variant you own. Check with the vendor before you buy, or else replacement hassles are inevitable.


iphone screen replacement iPhone 11 series feature a lustrous metallic finish that renders them a fine eye appeal. But, the finish deters grip, making the gadget slip from your grasp more often. That’s exactly why you need iPhone 11 pro max cases with a decent grip. The case should have a few rubbery grooves at the edges to aid the grip. Ensure grooves are not rough enough to strain your fingers.


There’s no dearth of bulky cases in the market. Iphone screen replacement They do offer protection but might transform your sleek iPhone 11 into an unsightly monster when viewed from the sides. It’s advisable to go for compact cases that offer the same level of safety without making the gadget look bulky.

Visual appeal:

The iPhone 11 variants are known for their stunning looks. Don’t compromise their visual appeal for protection, when you can have both. Many Smartphone accessory brands offer a stunning array of designs to beautify the gadget to your taste without sacrificing protection.

Case-Mate is one brand that rises above all others when it comes to aesthetics, protection, built quality, impact resistance, and ergonomics. Xtreme features a full selection of Case-Mate cases designed for iPhone 11 variants. Slashed prices and quick deliveries are guaranteed.

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